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Drukgyel Central School is envisioned to be the centre of academic excellence. The school believes that the education process must be rooted in country’s tradition and culture. To that extent the school aspires to instil in the learners the motto ‘ever victorious’ by moulding them into citizens with sound characters, balanced personalities, inner discipline and strength, dedicated to duty and work and possessing patriotic outlook.


Drukgyel Central School is committed to produce well in-formed skilled, responsible, loyal, dedicated and productive citizens by providing an effective teaching learning atmosphere, incorporating wholesome education. Ingrained in our motto of ever victorious is the spirit of excellence and competition that the school will strive to instil in the minds of learners.


Every day has been a fulfilling day for me working in Drukgyel Central School. I have been privileged to have such a dedicated and committed team of staff and students who are passionate about teaching and learning.


2017 Admission

Class 9 Feeder students from Drukgyel Lower, Dotey LSS, and Woochu LSS must report to DCS on 11th February 2017 (saturday) at 9 a.m. for your admission.

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  • International Clown Theatre Team
    Posted on : 30 September 2016

    International Clown Theatre Team consisting of two performers honoured the students of DCS with wonderful performance on 29th evening. They captured the audiances throughout the entire period of their performance which took more than an hour. The first of it's kind preformed in the school, the experience gave the students a test of the international artists performing live.

    By : Mr. Sherab Tenzin
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  • Paro Dzongkhag Inter-school Sports Meet
    Posted on : 4 September 2016

    The three day Paro Dzongkhag Inter-school sports meet ended today. Eleven schools participated in the sporting events. The winners will represent Paro Dzongkhag in regional games which will be held in Thimphu. Drukgyel CS added yet another overall champion trophy to their shelf after being winner in boys football, boys volleyball, girls volleyball, girls basketball, girls badminton and tabletennis singles and doubles. DCS chess players reached final only to be defeated by Tenzin HS (girls) and Yoezerling HS (boys) participants.

    By : Mr. Rinchen Khandu
  • 2017 School councilors election
    Posted on : 31 August 2016

    After much deliberations of nominating the 2017 school councilors, the staff & students finally took the step to do it the right and the fair way by casting their votes to the most eligible candidates. Tashi Wangdi, 11 A was declared the boy school councilor & he had secured 153/356 votes. Similarly, Kinley Wangmo 11 E, secured 227/429 votes and was declared the girl school councilor for the coming year.

    By : Mrs. Sonam Zangmo
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  • International Youth Day
    Posted on : 12 August 2016

    The morning assembly today was different from other days as the International Youth Day was observed during the assembly. To mark the day, a speech on preventing food wastage was delivered by a student and a short film related to evil of wasting food was shown. An additional advice from principal at the end of the program strengthend the will of the students to become more of producer rather than consumer and a food waster.

    By : Mr. Sherab Tenzin
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  • First Units Test
    Posted on : 29 April 2016

    First unit test academic achievers were announced today in the assembly. Top three positions were recognized from each stream of science and commerce. Similarly, top three from classes 9 & 10 were also announced. Some say the journey ahead will be predetermined by the present situations, we wish these students all the best of luck and hope they will keep up the same spirit and fly higher with every test/exams that comes across their way.

    By : Mrs. Sonam Zangmo
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  • SBIP on Disaster Management
    Posted on : 29 April 2016

    "Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure." ~ Confucius
    DCS had it's first disaster and evacuation job delegation for all the staff of the school. The SBIP was a reminder as well as an enriching experience for many staff. With this particular session, we have been made aware as well as we were able locate the hazard zones of the school, identify and decided what we could do in the time of any disaster.[Read More]

    By : Mrs. Sonam Zangmo

School History

Establishment of the School

The present school is an offshoot of the erstwhile Paro High School, which had to be located to a new site after a dreadful landslide hit present Paro LSS in 1986, causing a major damage to the infrastructure. This is a product of a close partnership between the Royal Government and the British Government. The foundation stone for the construction work of the school was laid in December 1991 and most of the work completed by 1994. The total cost incurred in the construction of the school amounted to 1.05 million pounds sterling (roughly Nu. 62 million) which was exclusively British Government’s ODA grant to the Royal Government. The school was inaugurated on April 7th, 1994 by the then British High Commissioner of India, Sir Nicholas Fenn in the presence of high-ranking government officers of the RGoB. The school was named Drukgyel Central School on the 7th of April, 1994.The first Principal Aum Namgay Om started the school with 399 students and 29 teachers and today there are more than 800 students with about 60 teaching and non-teaching staff.

Location of Drukgyel Central School

Drukgyel Central School is located in Jitsephu village of Tshentok Gewog, at a distance of 12 KM from Paro main, at the upper end of Paro valley. Driving up to the school from Paro along the left bank of the Pachu, one crosses the Kyichu Lhakhang and the road ends at Drukgyel Dzong – one of the most historic, ruined fortresses which is only three kilometers away from the school. The holy monastery – Taktsang faces the school almost directly opposite, across Pachu. Jhumolhari mountain peeps shyly from further north, fanning Drukgyel constantly with her fresh air. The actual site of the school slopes gradually from the Drukgyel Dzong-Paro road to the river in a south easterly direction. The School lies at an altitude of about 2511m above sea level and within 27029’05.6” North Latitude and 89019’56.6” East Longitude.

The Historical Significance of its Location

The school bears the name of the Dzong as well as our country Druk and for an appropriate reason. Drukgyel Dzong which means the “Fortress of the Victorious Drukpas” is distinctively visible from the school. It was here that the Bhutanese under the Great Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel had defeated the Tibetans in 1644 and the fortress was built, not only to commemorate the famous victory but also to curb further Tibetan incursions. Today our school has derived its name from the Dzong, reminding every Bhutanese of a great historical achievement of our country. Roughly translated, Druk = Bhutan and Gyel – Victorious. Aptly the school’s motto is ‘Ever Victorious’.



You can locate us at Jitsephu, Tsento gewog, under Paro Dzongkhag in Bhutan.

Please use the following information to contact us.

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